The material presented on the website is posted by me or by my friends but Some material presented here is either written/compiled from some internet sources.Sources are mentioned in sources section.

All the material , Videos , Pictures , Articles & Poems present in this site are not for selling purpose.The website is our one try to spread Nationalism feeling among the youth, old age and Childhood of India.

The copyright of this pictures/material/Articles/Poems belongs to their original publishers/photographers/Authors/Poets as the case may be. If you think by publishing a particular material/Article/video on this site your copyright has been violated, please send a mail at mitesh_soni@rocketmail.com,so I can remove the particular material/picture from this site.

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I would like to give a vote of thanks to many people.
even I don't know many of them but they had help the website in growing Indirectly.
many thanks to all the authors whose poems, articles & Stories are posted on the website.
The name of the Authors are written under the posts of which I know about.

Some sources

If someone is not listed in the Sources section and find that they should be there in that case please contact us we will add you shortly.
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