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Friends as you all know that for running a website healthily a good amount of finance is needed.

Advertising terms and conditions-

  • Advertisement can be a link, text,image or a multimedia content.
  • Images should not be greater then 100KB in size a little up and down will be accepted.
  • Multimedia content including flash content etc should not exceed size greater then 200KB.
  • We do not publish porn adds.

Advertisement Placements and positions-

Top position on every page-728X90 leaderboard
advertise on
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In between 2 posts @ home page-728X90 leaderboard
advertise on website
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Under post Heading-most of the standard sizes are applicable-(add will be displayed under every post)
advertise on internet
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Website's sidebar on every page-Square , rectangle , sky scraper of appropriate size (If dimensions exceeded will automatically august according to the sidebar)
advertising in india
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The cost of the advertisements varies according to the placements.
If interested then please feel free to contact us. click hear to view our contact details

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