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Struggle for the statehood

A foreigner once visited a school in Darjeeling in the year 2018. He decided to ask few questions to the 7th standard students.
Little he knew what he was about to witness...

As he started questioning the kids, the answers he received in return made him sad, hurt and depressed. Read below and get the logic behind these words.

The first question he asked,
Can someone tell me, who is the most powerful person in India?

 In a united voice he got his answer which was loud enough to reach his ears, they shouted,

 "Some Lady from Bengal, not sure about her real name"

The foreigner was little eager to know more about it. So he asked again, why do you think so?

One of the kids from the first bench stood up and said, it’s because no one has the power to stop her from doing anything she wants. She can even block the mobile services from the entire hill region. She must be richer than the owner of VODAFONE, AIRTEL and all the other service providers that's because all of them obeyed her sincerely though they knew it was wrong. No one is bigger than her as everyone keeps their mouth shut in front of her and no one has the courage to take a stand against her even when the entire nation knows what she did was wrong.

Now that made the foreigner very uneasy as he wasn't sure what exactly he was hearing.

Then he asked another kid, hey, will you be a Policeman or join Defense once you grow up?

The kid replied no,
When asked for the reason he simply replied, “I DON'T LIKE KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE”.

This was something which made the foreigner numb for a minute as he couldn't believe what he actually heard. As little he knew about the merciless killings of innocent people in Darjeeling just a year ago.

He then looked at a girl wearing specks and asked her, hey little girl you look so pretty, are you an angel?

The kid replied, no I am not but my mother and brother are an angel for sure because they are in heaven.

Listening to this sad reply he politely said sorry and asked if she misses them?

She replied in her sweet and calm voice, yes I do but when I remember the day when they were killed I still get scared. (The foreigner wasn't aware of the intentional killings of those innocent Gorkhas that too by the ones who were supposed to protect them)

Now you can actually see the foreigner's face turning blue and red hearing those answers which were out of the blue.

One last time, he asked, can anyone here explain to me how strong is Indian law?

One of the kids who was a son of an ex Indian army who died in the war fighting for the nation replied,

Law in India is very strict unless you are rich and powerful. My brother wanted to join Army like my father but he couldn't as he was shot dead last year by a Crpf personal but I never understood why did that actually happened. Before I used to think that those people are here to protect us as they are abided by the law but I didn't knew that the law is in the hands of some powerful politicians and rich thugs who can manipulate it anytime for their personal benefits, to gain power and to hide their sins.

Now the foreigner was in a different state of mind as he couldn't believe what he just witnessed. He ran to the principal’s office and asked the man there?

Hey, what’s happening here man, why are those students making up shitty stories and none of them answered me in an appropriate way?

The principal replied, Mr. Adams!! The kids must be right though I haven't heard the entire conversation.
Well, you tell me what will you do if your family members or friends are shot dead for no good reason?
What will you do when you realize that the ones who were supposed to protect you actually ended up killing your loved ones?
What will you do when you realize that you don't really exist neither does the law for you?
What will you do when your town is closed for 60+ days in a row, when your mobile services are cut off, when there is no proper source of food or transport?
What will you do when you witnessed some merciless murders and none of the crime dept. (Including CID, CBI or any other dept. who are liable to maintain law, peace and order) are simply avoiding it?
What will you do when the media shows the innocents as culprits and the culprits as a hero?
Would you still believe in law and order?
Would you still be proud to call yourself a part of the nation?
Would you still believe in media?
Will you still have faith in your Govt?

Those kids have witnessed the hatred towards our community, have seen their loved ones getting shot to death, they have lost all faith in law and order because those deaths were never justified, the culprits were never been punished, the ignorance from the central Govt and the unaccepted behavior and ruthless aggression towards us from the Bengal Govt can never be forgiven.

Those kids are the pillar of our nation's foundation which was cruelly destroyed by the hands of those who were supposed to be the idols for them.

Mr. Adams, what do you expect from those kids who have seen, experienced and witnessed such cruelty and punishment which they never deserved?

The foreigner was not just sad and hurt but also angry as he had a heart unlike them who destroyed our lives when we were certainly not at fault...

Well, this is merely a story but is somehow connected to the fact which almost everyone ignored and avoided, but the final war of freedom from Bengal and to create a separate state continued and shall continue till the last Gorkha on this earth has the courage to shed blood for his/her ultimate dream and their right to Statehood which is Gorkhaland.

Important links are below which has the information about the inhuman acts against the innocent Indian Gorkhas in Darjeeling –

A link to the Facebook page which has been providing correct, precise and recent news and updates to the people of hills and around the world is below –

Article by- 
Samir Arjun Sharma
Writer and Novelist

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