Monday, August 21, 2017

Fight for the recognition


A family had three members, a father and two of his sons. The younger son was an obedient one and always listened to the elder brother and father.

The elder son was well settled and had full support from his father and the younger brother was very happy about it.

After many years now it was the time for the younger son to settle so that he can be independent and successful to make his father proud.

He was always supportive towards his elder brother and father and had also sacrificed and compromised in multiple occasions without any demands or expectations. However, when the time came for the younger one to get settled on his own, he was sad to come across the truth that neither the elder brother nor the father actually supported him, instead he was insulted and punished for no good reasons.

Looking at the poor treatment given to the poor young lad, many neighbors, friends and distant family came forward for help however the elder brother was damn scared that he might loose his power and position if the younger one gets settled which was not the case as the younger brother loved his father and the elder brother dearly, but all he needed was a name of his own (identity) and he well deserved it.

Now, the situation is worse because of the poor treatment provided by the elder brother and the ignorance shown by the father, the younger lad was sad, hurt and depressed.

Younger son felt disheartened but didn't gave up, fought for his right and was well supported by almost everyone except his own father and brother.

Now the question is - Is the father scared of his elder son that he is refusing to give his younger son his birth right or it’s just the jealousy, foolishness and selfishness of the elder brother to treat the young lad in this poor manner.

Well, we need to see if the father actually realizes that he is the father to both of them and shall treat them equally and grant the younger son his very own identity.

At the end they are a family and even the father will be profited if the younger son achieves success after all the money, success and advancement shall not just make the younger brother rich and happy but also the family wealth will be enhanced and improved.

Hope the elder selfish brother realizes that he was being a real bad and wish the father could see the suffering of the young one and do the right thing.

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Article by- 
Samir Arjun Sharma
Writer and Novelist

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