Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Essential points to live life with positive attitude

To live a happy life it is important to have positive attitude towards life. People should eliminate negative thoughts from their mind. In some situation it may be possible that people will look at negative side of life but they should thing about how can they establish positive thinking in order to solve their problems.

Think Positive

People always appreciating what they have achieved in life.  We should not complain every time what we lack. The first step of happiness is to count your things which you have done or you have achieved in your life which make you better than others.

Be an Optimist

Sometimes we face failure many times in life.  Try to take your failure as an opportunity to do better next time. Success and failure both are aspects of our life. Always think that if one way is close for you god will definitely open another way for you to achieve you goal. Once we have mind with positive thought success will automatically follow us.


Don't compare yourself with others

Try to avoid comparing with others. If a person think that he is better than other it is an unhealthy sign of superiority. If you think that you are inferior to others it means things which you have achieved in life by your determination and hard work is useless. Social comparison will never make you happiest person in life. Try to improve yourself day by day and compare you with yourself that what you have achieved now and what you were in past. Try to make you better for your own self.


Always Help Others

Serotonin in brain is being released when we help someone. Try to feel positive waves in body after helping someone. When Serotonin release in the body it makes us happy and controls our moods that’s why we feel good when we offer our helping hands to someone. Flush out toxins of gloominess by doing an act of gentleness regularly.


Smile and Laugh

Don’t take seriously yourself on your silly mistakes. Try your best to smile in order to take things lightly. Try to Smile even in your harder time. Always think that bad situations and mistakes always give us lesson to do thing better next time.


Forgive and Forget

Hatred is a negative feeling-- it can affect your friend, family. Stop thinking how much you hate someone. Try don’t take think seriously and try your best to forgive others. Forgiveness will definitely affect your mind and soul.


Firm determination to your Goals

We always try to set some goal in our life to achieve. Always think if we are dedicated to our goal everything is achievable. In fact, hard work together with dedication can leads us towards better results.


Sharing of Thoughts and Relationships

Social relationship is basic need of human being. Your family, a good and faithful group of friends, supportive staff in office is essential in life who constantly gives you feeling that you are important to someone and these people so much care about you. Share your experience with your friends, family members whether they are good or bad. Sharing of feeling and thoughts always gives us better.



Spirituality and mysticism helps us connect with the God. We always think that there is some reason of our existence. Faith in spirituality and mysticism will realize us that everything i.e. our acts, success, failures are connected in our life.


Avoid Negativity

Negativity can be infectious, There are many techniques you can apply to strengthen your thinking even in difficult situations. To give strength to your thoughts always look better side of situation. Try to think bad situation will end some day.  For instance, always look at the brighter side of life and know God will open a new door for you to handle the difficulty of your life that the bad situation will eventually end. Always give thank to God because he gave us precious life and we are we are best creator of God.


Success and Failures

Ups and downs in life are part of life. Faults of our life always lead us to look forward. Ups and downs make our life special. We do not always learn from the better part of life but also from worst part of life too.


Regular Exercise and meditation

If a person is healthy he is happiest person in the word. Try to think that our body is your temple; try to flush out toxins of depression from mind with meditation and regular exercise.
Lastly, always live with people having positive thinking and try to eliminate those people who drag you down. Always think you are a useful creator of God. For a happy life try to develop an optimistic attitude.

Author- Ankit Garg, Assistant Professor, Amity University, Haryana 

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