Friday, May 8, 2015

Ethics at work and in society

How ethical are you? Are you aware of the ethical standards one has to maintain not only at the work place but even in the society he lives. Currently we see people killing each other, bribery, frauds both at professional as well as personal front. Is there a way out to come out of all these unethical practices which is hampering the human as well the world.
The strength of a civilization or a community is based on the strength of its ethics.   Ethics is a branch of social science. It deals with moral principles and social values. It helps us to classify, what is good and what is bad? It tells us to do good things and avoid doing bad things. So even in this fast moving world that has its progress counted in the parameters of the technology, power and money ethics and values still forms the foundation.
The words like honesty, truthfulness, loyalty, character etc seems to be old fashioned in contrast to the technological statement, but these qualities are deep rooted and the results they produce are ever lasting. In this business world everyone is concerned with his or her work, but no one actually think on the part how the work to be done, it may lead to disasters like killing, bribing, frauds, misleading the customers, misrepresentation in the annual statement Sexual harassment, Withholding needed information from employees, customers, vendors or public etc and lot more unethical acts which have actually surrounded the whole business and even our society.


Ethics starts at the smallest organization i.e. Family. Very often we see youth concerned about fitting in with friends at school or in society they live in. Looking pretty, building up muscular bodies, wearing fashionable clothes, having popular friends are the attributes and preoccupation of most of the modern generation. Yet, are these desires attainable? Are these desires worth all the stress and anxiety experienced to attain them? I think it just forms of endless race with no finish line on the horizon. The focus of life should not be fitting in but rather on standing out. This type of mindset will make youth more sensitive, coise and hardly capable of withstanding life’s challenges

  • In this world of globalization, money,name and fame have dominated the rest. The greed for acquiring more and more has resulted in low ethical values. 
  • Contractors and builders are constructing weak and low standard roads, bridges & houses. 
  • Students are engaged in mass copying. Teachers & examining body are indulges in leaking out question papers. 
  • Doctors prescribe unnecessary medicines & pathology examination for commissions.
  • Govt. officials take bribe for doing or sanctioning any work or contracts, black marketing, frauds in IT, scams in banks, financial institutions, sports, defense department, religious places etc are the order of the day.
  • Companies’ main priority is to increase the stakeholder’s values and to satisfy them, but the scenario is totally different companies are more focused in actually enhancing their own wealth.


  • Corruption in present times has spread over the entire society as a cancerous disease in all forms. The reason is the declination in the ethical system from the society. 
  • Children right from their childhood are brought up getting monetary benefits & facilities; they are groomed by their parents to keep up the status and so called reputation rather than keeping up with their principles and values.
  • Looks, brands wealth are the possessions everyone is bothered to acquire rather than good will.
  • The insensitivity towards others is selfishness has resulted in serious problems of the society including corruption violence brutality towards women and abuse.


The consequences are so dangerous that if it is not controlled, man who is known as a social animal shall just be left out as an animal and our society shall transform into a jungle. The only controlling parameter is building up ethics and laying stress on its strong foundation. Ethics teaches us that giving is more satisfying than receiving, speaking the truth is always the best, learning to control your anger, treating others would have them treat you all this and more shall control the unrest, terrorism, murders and threats as these are the results of resentment & anguish people have for others.
The best way to build ethical values and leading ourselves in an organized way is to follow the GOLDEN RULE. The Golden rule is an ethical guide that helps us relate to others, and others relate to us. It is an ethical guide because it leads us towards good and away from evil.

  • Everything you want others to do to you, you shall do to others
  • What you not want others to do to you, you shall not do to them
  • You should not do anything which you think if done to you will harm you

Our workplace, homes and society can maintain a healthy atmosphere with positive energy flowing a around if we cultivate ethical values in all our actions and deeds. Ethics will always give a positive result may be later but the one who follows the path of ethics lead to excellence in his work and personal life. Companies like Google, Wipro, and TATA are all said to be corporate excellent companies. Therefore follow ETHICS, this shall enhance the progress and will thus result in a smooth functioning of a society with no hatred and anguish but love to be its foremost priority.

Ms.Ritika Gulati & Ms.Tanima Soni 
Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Higher Education, Bareilly

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