Friday, December 19, 2014

Terrorism seek no religion

They Say it Right "Smaller The Coffin, Heavier to Carry". This Time its Pakistan, the very own country which was blamed for Terrorist Attacks in India. Every Indian has prayed for the souls of the young children salvaged by the Ruthless Terrorists. Today We all stand up for the same cause and that is to eliminate terrorism.

One thing that is clear from this recent terrorist attack is, if the innocent and young aren't safe and are slaughtered like pigs, then Terrorists are simply enemies of Humanity, they are soulless creatures hungry for blood. Which god are they fighting for? As in every religion children are considered as the dearest of God.

All Muslims are already facing nasty criticism due to  fellows who are joining hands with such terrorist groups. Poverty, hunger and black mailing have made humans go cannibals.  One can work the honest way to earn money and feed their family, but to take lives of the innocent just for living sake proves that you are already dead.

Terrorists didn't survive, did they even want to? They were walking mass of destruction, they didn't care to survive, all  they wanted was to kill, create terror, chaos, send message to the world that if they can kill an innocent child by looking in his eyes proves they are purely demonized. World has witnessed this attack and especially people in Pakistan who have lost their dearest children want an Army rule, they don't believe on their government at all. They are scared, fear if they will return home once they step outside in the open.

Terrorists don't care who are they killing, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhist, Jain or people of any religion. They don't see us as humans, they see us as targets, targets their masters have ask them to execute.  They will all rot in Hell, but they live to create hell for Innocent people on earth.
Today one terrorist group is only letting Muslims live, some other will let only Christians, some other will favour some other religion, they all are cruel, from head to toe, for a normal person, following any god don't want bloodshed to be done under name of his religion.

Poor people are brainwashed and sent to war fields, they don't have technologies so they are destroying humanity to make people work like robot, without emotions, without understanding of right and wrong.

If there are people that think, the war is among some particular religions! you are wrong! This is a war against humanity, religion word is just used as a senseless reason, today its them they are hungry of, tomorrow it can be you.

Terrorism has no religion and we need to stop them now! Enough is seen, enough is done! The world should stand together to finish off these terrorist groups before any other shameful attack on humanity happens. We should stop thinking that " Okay they died, so sorry, at least we are safe."
If terrorists are not stopped then this thinking will only will last until their next target is you!
Stand Against Terrorism! Jai Hind!

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