Friday, December 26, 2014

Be the change you want to see in the world

Normal people often underestimate themselves and those who initiate and know the power of Change, create history and become legends.

One such man was M.K. Gandhi. Yes, Father of Our Nation, he could have just followed the irrational rules stamped on Indians  in India and Blacks in Africa and could have adjusted like everyone else was in that time. Imagine our World if there was No Gandhi Ji. You couldn't imagine Independence without Gandhi Ji's struggle and if he was just as common as everyone else was, we would still be slaves to the English Rulers.

Thankfully, Gandhi Ji knew the Power of Change, the power of Freedom, the Power which unleashes Human Boundaries to achieve something great, he saw our Country among the Leaders of future when nobody else could think of working and impressing English Rulers to get a raise in their income or protect their families from the merciless treatments.  He made every aspect of his thinking practical and showed Every single Indian that If you can hold onto your views, hold onto your ideas, then it only takes one Indian to Remove entire British Empire from the country.

Today we are independent, we can choose among our ambitions, our hobbies, our skills, but still, that Slave Ideology haven't really wiped off completely.  People still feel safe to follow if the first one succeeds, nobody wants to be that First One to take risk. We praise the products developed in foreign countries, prefer them over any other product developed in our country. Why? Because we think they are better. We under estimate and fail to understand that more than half of the engineers working for foreign countries are Indians. Today if a Talented Indian Starts a company here itself  with a brilliant team may end up competing with Top product companies within 10 years. But who is he/She? 

Who will bring the Leadership to our Country, who will be the New Gandhi to remove the slave mentality and encourage capable people to take risk. Where are you searching for him or her? Going to Google it, or find him or her on some website? If you think like that, then that's the exact slave mentality I am talking about because that Person who should first come in your mind without hesitation should be you!

Everyone of Us should feel that I can bring the Change, I will be the leader, I will take risks and succeed! Today we are standing on the brilliant stage for inventions and developments, the era of technology is running with speed of light, everyone is giving their curve to the technology, You can give yours.

Not only on Technology terms, but on terms of Social and political and even on personal levels, everyone of us follow this thinking of "Woh bhi toh chori kar raha hai,Hum bhi nahi karenge agar wo bhi ni karega toh." They forget to understand that they may also be inspiring people behind them to degrade the status of the country. You have your Own life and you don't have to follow the same system, you can stand out and show everyone that the world can always be made a better place to live. If you can't fight your own fights, you can't expect others to fight theirs.

In India They race to become the biggest fan but not race to become the biggest celebrity. People have to start embracing the opportunities to change the World around them, if everyone looked after themselves and would have followed their own passion then this world would have seen more prosperity and none of terrorism. Terrorists are demons created by some of our own. We need Leaders to kill the factories producing demons and before anyone can else never forget that  The leader can be You.

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