Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ten Facts Every Indian Should Know About Our Black Money.

black money in india

1.  India currently Ranks 8th and is not so proudly sitting in  the top 10 developing countries who had illicit(forbidden by law) flow of money in foreign banks. Well for your info India has conducted outflow of about 123 billion dollars since 2001. 

2. The Currency of India will get a significant raise if we snatch our black money from the swiss bank. Government will purchase Gold from such huge amounts of retrieved money and finally rupees will be invited on the dinner with other currencies rather than doing dish washing for them. That also means cheap online shopping.

3. Most of the Black money is due to corruption and Drugs dealing. Owners of the money will be seriously investigated by the SITs and CBIs and any proof of illegal trading found against the owner will buy him/her a free trip to jail for rest of their lives. Police forces will get important clues and information related to drug businesses by  investigating the owners and also the people who were making corruption as their occupation.

4. Retrieving black money will reduce the tax rates and Alas! everything cheap cheap.  Your food, your clothes, your electronic devices. We can also celebrate a tax free year.

5. Better services and increment in Employment.
 Wages will get a raise. Government cannot directly distribute the black money in people but they can do so by benefiting them by launching various schemes, creating jobs, provide subsidies  and now strict laws against corruption will ensure 100% reaches to the common man.

6. India will pay back the loans from world bank and we will have the most stable Economy in the World. Totally self efficient.

7. Government will have to prove the account holders guilty to take away the black money from them otherwise the owners  who have transferred their money to somewhere else will escape or government will have to pass a law that every penny of black money should be convicted and converted into national treasure.

8. Black money isn't totally mafia money, everyone have black money it's impossible to have a 100% black money free country until everything happens with card transaction. Having Black money is not Crime, Making black money by illegal ways is a crime!

9. A-Class government services will be provided.
That means government institutions and jobs will bring the Golden Age to the people associated with them.

10.  Hope that China doesn't retrieve its black money  after we do.
Otherwise we will have a hard time to beat its economy level and with turbid conditions on the borders with China, we need to have more competitive economy than we already have now.

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