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Bapu The legend we should remember

The day was 2nd October 1869 when Putlibai gave birth to an extra ordinary boy who turned out as Father of the nation and we all remember the name as  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi  (Bapu).
Everyone has heard about the legacy that Gandhi ji carried forward, the movements he started to make people believe in Independence. He was not the Only one struggling for the Independence but he was surely the one who had maximum impact on the British powers than anyone else.
He learned from his past experience to fight against the huge governing powers and was a specialist on hitting the iron when it's hot.

The African Experience which helped the INDIAN.

Gandhi arrived in South Africa to work as Legal representative of Muslim Indian Traders, there he faced discrimination on the basis of his skin colour. Indians in Africa were restricted from availing many services which were only offered to the White people.  Witnessing continuous racism and injustice proved as the turning point in Gandhi's life and he extended his stay in Africa to assist Indians to gain the rights and dignity.
Gandhi in Africa learned that you cannot directly challenge the ruling powers but there are numerous other ways through which you can get what you want.
He applied his methodology by offering British army to hire Indian recruits and volunteers to help them in treatment of the injured soldiers in the war. With Gandhi's non violent policy and indirect but effective ways to approach the British power proved as a success . In 1910 the Blacks gained the power to Vote and this is how Gandhi turned into a National Hero of Africa.

The Power of Unity.

Unity is the best policy
Gandhi returned to India permanently in 1919 with a respectful Image of a revolutionary person joining Indian National Congress was his First contribution to the Indian struggle of Independence. With tactics and working plans on his mind, first he wanted to review the condition of the country. Gandhi visited various parts of the Country to understand the core problems  of the people. Out of all concerns he stated Untouchability and division of Hindu and Muslim as the prime problems. Gandhi wanted to restore unity among the People of India because British people always divided and ruled their colonies. To flush out British marked policy of divide and rule, Gandhi helped Muslims in Khilafat movement and as a result with mutual decision among indian and muslim leaders he was given the driver's seat to run the Indian National Congress under his Supervision.

Gandhi knew, there is lots of struggle but to make this struggle a success, they have to fight for a single cause, the cause which everyone will support, the cause which will start the Movement that will only stop when British will quit India and Swaraj will be established.

Gandhi described to the mass, how it feel when you are independent, why to struggle for it and why to Do it with Non Violence. He knew that direct war against British will cause lots of bloodshed and Britishers will always have the upper hand in the war. As he learned in Africa, he applied his tactics and started Non-cooperation movement, Dandi March and proved the Britishers that their plan to divide and Rule is no more effective as India has United against them.

Gandhi ji's Personal Struggle For National Freedom.

Gandhi was a man who would always put Country before himself and would do anything to make the country free from the brutal rule of British empire. He used to Fast and then send suicidal threatening  the British officials until the demand was not met.  Newspaper publishers were not allowed to publish photos of Gandhi's condition undergoing Fasting as they thought it will affect the mass sympathetically. Starving for weeks, Gandhi never gave up until he got his demands met by the Britishers. Even when sent to Jail in 1942, Gandhi started the hunger strike to ignite the fire of Quit India Movement. Later he was admitted in hospital for treatment and surgery. 

Gandhi went through sufferings and didn't let the sacrifice of brave revolutionaries go frail and wasted. Hardly with any mass on the bones, he was still the most strongest man whom  British feared. His body was weak but his ideologies were concrete. He was the Man who wanted to breathe in Independent India and wanted the future generations to live on a land which they could call as their mother.

Maybe what Gandhi did wasn't enough for some people.

Some people may still criticize the way in which Gandhi made independence possible. Some people are still anguished with the Partition that happened. There are many points on which you can say Gandhi failed to achieve a proper independence for us. World could have been a better place if there was no partition. Well, you are right on facts, but facts when combined with possibilities  and practicality bring in the term called Boundations. Everything is not possible, a boundary is always there which restrict us to a certain level of success. Yes, there could have been a better world, but real deal is the world we have now and now we are on the driver's seat. Now it's the time to take responsibilities that what kind of world we want to leave for our children just as Gandhi and all the other revolutionaries took.

Remember The Name.

Mahatma Gandhi is still alive in Our hearts. All the sacrifice that he made, all the sacrifices the people made who helped India to achieve Independence expects us to carry forward the legacy and be TOTALLY INDEPENDENT. Capable of doing anything we  are still dependent on many countries for various resources. We should remember the Name of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and follow his ideology of Independent India. With his name, there are millions more names which we can affirm as millions of people sacrificed themselves for the country we are living in. We must make them proud and prove the world by Standing United, Standing Free. Jai Hind.
Famous quote given by bapu

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