Sunday, October 19, 2014

$100 Billion Loss in 5 years: PIRACY hits hard on the gaming, music and movies industries

Before I tell you my boring definition of piracy, What do you think of it? Isn't it the most easiest way to access the latest entertainment?  Isn't it free and unlimited access to the movies and games we wish for? Before our next generation starts living in the world of pirates because everything to them seem free and easy, let's get to the real definition of piracy that is unauthorized production of someone's work. Yes piracy is an illegal act, was an illegal act and will remain an illegal act no matter what. It's not a free service or a digital world NGO  which is distributing the latest content without any charges. Digital world Pirates are stealing, making money and damaging economy.

Understand the piracy firmly

Pirate Lords develop copies of the movies, music and crack the latest games then make them available on their site and gain profits through the traffics on their servers and flop the business of the original developers. They don't make money by charging for the content, they make profits through the mediums they are providing you the content, their sites, ads, links you click on, they are paid for everything by the ads agencies, survey companies and through many more sources.

Why do we think piracy is  not illegal

*Ander hi ander sab chahte hain ki piracy ho!*
Well this thought emerges because piracy is done on vast scale internationally, this is unstoppable because people want it to happen, there are people who can do it and finally there is money involved, all these are best possible combination for any illegal act to flourish.  People are opting to buy  CD's or DVD's for Rs 15, saving hundreds of rupees and piling up the losses of the creators . You open internet, click on the link and download the desired files and there is no police on your door to arrest you for the act of downloading stuff without paying the owner. No punishment means you are not doing anything wrong, that's how everyone see piracy.

Losses due to piracy creating new records

For the enterprises who make these music, games and movies are literally crying due to the piracy because pirated copies are being released parallel to their original releases. With bit torrent and other download managers heavy files are easily downloaded. Companies have to cut down the pay of their workers just to compensate with the loss due to piracy and the money which could flow into the economy stream flows into the hands of pirates.

  • The major U.S motion picture studios lost $6.1 billion in 2005 to piracy worldwide.
  • The worldwide motion picture industry, including foreign and domestic producers, distributors, theaters, video stores and pay-per-view operators, lost $18.2 billion in 2005 as a result of piracy. 

How do piracy affects our country

In India, hardly 10% of the people who can access to the internet will purchase any game or music. The ones who purchase are considered as fools. Well with God's grace this encouragement of theft is restricted to the internet boundary and not into the real life style of the people otherwise the whole scenario would have been dramatic and a huge chaos. Want to establish an Indian Game company? Think again and because your game will be cracked within 2 days and pirates will be laughing on your face.  

Solutions to stop Piracy?

We cannot stop piracy now but we can only pursue people to buy our products. You should not take the pirated products as gifts in disguise. People have spent lots of money to produce them, launch them and lots of people are associated directly or indirectly to them. Why to download whole album of 25 songs for free when you like only 1 song which is available at minimal cost. Think again before downloading, because you are actually stealing in disguise.

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