Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's the REAL DEAL with YOUTH and the IITs

Some terms have their own and customised definitions in India and here definition of Engineering is "Mera Baccha IIT karega". Most of the students in their high schools who are about to take science maths are aspired to pursue IITs as if it's a new trendy course in the market. If you are about to opt for science maths in your high school then oh boy, some national standard queries for which you should be prepared are "IIT karoge?", " Konse coaching jaoge?", " 8 ghante toh padhte hi hoge din ke?". Actually, when you opt science maths, you will have two possible outcomes, either you will end as IITian or You will be a Non- IITian. That's how generally parents think what engineering is all about.

Lets become a little statistical and see the whole picture of RECRUITMENT. Well, out of 6 lac students giving the JEE mains paper, 3 lac students are simply not interested in IITs and are just helping in generating funds for welfare of the government colleges, other 2 lac students give it a try and lastly 1 lac students fight to be among that small list of 10-15 thousand students. That is around 2.5 percent of students opting for IITs get the selection done and if you think the filtration stops here, ahem not all branches of IITs are considered of same level hence if you are in TOP 1000, then you are safe to choose the fields you want to opt in certain IITs. So MASSIVE(ironically) 0.1 percent of students become IITians with leisure to have the option to choose what kind of engineer they wanted to be, rest of the students lose interest by getting forced into courses just for the sake to study in a IIT.

Well if you are thinking all the students opting for IITs are going through such tough study phase because they want to become scientists, researchers, highly educated professionals, please I will stop your ambitious thoughts here by putting forward the real view that most of the students have money minded approach i.e. their real concern is with packages which they will be offered. So, what is the difference between the mentality of 0.1 percent students selected and rest of 99.9  rejected.  Of course there are brilliant minded students studying in IITs who just want pursue science as their soul career and let's not discuss what percentage of students are those as compared to the total candidates.

Today most of the youth is encouraged into the technology based studies i.e. computer science, Information technology, robotics, super conductivity, graphics, gaming etc. Whereas entrance exams of colleges are based on physics, chemistry, maths and biology. Seriously most of the students don't even know how does it feel to pursue for the passion because they are always shown the wrong direction to move ahead and are forced into the fields where they have no interest in. With no offence but symbolizing the youth I am still waiting to use the complex math and physics equations in my real life, on which I was rejected from the top colleges. I studied for science maths all the 3 years in which I had no interest. Why am I forced to pursue hardcore subjects of light interest before I can start with the things of my significance? Why are we making IIT as a course? Why are we not aware of the academies and colleges which will make us specialists in our passions? If money is the only concern then why opt science?

There are many questions which will make you rethink about your decisions in life because we all have stopped thinking and questioning ourselves a long time ago, we are just following algorithms now. That's why innovations and discoveries are far from us. Room for improvements in the system? Please stand by your choice and start with yourself, no one can even make you buy a shirt you don't like then how come someone will force you to opt a career you don't choose for yourself.

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