Wednesday, June 11, 2014

‘Fruits’ and ‘Petals’ in Easy Savitri not a sexual embroidery

A reader may find the metaphor of ‘petal’ and ‘fruit’ for female and male organs in Easy Savitri mere sexual embroidery. But I have reasons to stick to my guns.  India today is as much a country of rapists as of saints.  No offence to those who love India. In fact I am one among the front liners.  I only differ with my compatriots on the issue of ‘empathetic respect’ towards woman.  Agree or not, this ornamental reverence makes her the object of desecration for the willful vile.

The deification of woman is a stimulating factor for the villain among us. For ‘ the petals’ and ‘ the fruits’ to bloom, sexual assault on women or rape as we blabber it, needs to be buried forever like rotten leaves in the garden of Adam and Eve. And I strongly believe; for anything to happen in life, it must happen in the story first.

A word is neither decent or nor indecent in itself, it’s either meaningful or meaningless. The expression is what matters.
A leading English magazine wanted to edit Easy Savitri before publishing. The editor did pretty good job with my shoddy narrative. The word fruit or bunch of grapes for the male genital earned her acceptance, but ‘a petal’ for vagina couldn’t. It was found ‘gross’.  I appreciated the sensitivity of the woman editor. But finally decided to keep ‘the petal’ intact in my story at the risk of critics, particularly the rightists, tearing me apart.

When the moral military is gunning to keep woman in her closet, I say try open the black mind of rapist for the light to enter. The law and the administration need to be effective to curb this act of barbarism, but the literary emancipation shall only bring an end to it, I strongly feel. 

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