Saturday, June 21, 2014

Indian private colleges spending money on advertisements insted of spending it on students

Disclaimer- Here I am not talking about the private colleges like BITS, VIT,Thapar University. And I am not against the publicity of colleges via advertisements the thing I am against is that if you are using 5% of your gross budget on advertising and the college is having everything fine then its okay but when you are spending half of your budget on advertising and your college is not according to the standards the fee you are charging then it is injustice with the students studying in your college.
As we all know that opening a private college in India isn't a very big deal as there isn't any base standard practically existing for colleges and universities in India. The thing you actually need to open a college in India is a piece of land and money to bribe government officials.

We all know that the education standards and placements of private colleges don't even touch the education standard and placements of government colleges and one big reason for this is that generally private colleges and schools are opened for earning money the people who are opening schools and colleges are generally having a vision of establishing a money making machine ("note chaapne ki machine") because in the business of education there is not a chance that the school will not get admissions because India is not having a small population.

Let me give you an example of a private college who is investing a lot of money in advertising but  only the students studying there know the reality I know this because I am one of those frustrated students who is studying in "Amity University Rajasthan".
I can bet on this that before reading this you would had seen the advertisement of Amity University irrespective of where you had seen the advertisement because there isn't any place left where the Amity University management is not giving advertisement. from news paper to IPL you can see Amity University advertisements approximately every where so if the college is having that much of money then the college they had made should be the best college in India but the reality is that the condition inside the college is pathetic the class room seats are broken, half of the time air conditioners don't operate, these people say that they are having full WiFi campus but there isn't any WiFi, the word I will use for the management is J*** O** because management at Amity University is really J*** O** they don't know anything about management, and final thing what a students expects from colleges is placement and when you are studying in Amity University Rajasthan then your placement is in the "hands of god".

Why the private colleges are advertising ?

If we go on practically then if a college is good then it should not have the requirement of giving advertisements for admission as we can take the example of BITS (Birla institute of technology and science) which is a private college and had set the benchmarks for the Engineering colleges in India. this is all because these colleges are spending money on students not on publicity. and the general reasons of advertising are-

  • For getting maximum admissions because generally the seats in these colleges don't get full.
  • Earning more and more money from students fee as the amount of fee generated is directly proportional to the number of students.
  • Trying to make a name that don't exists by the means of advertising instead of by the means of education.

Results of advertising of private colleges on students

The private colleges generally have an answer for the question that why are they spending huge amount of money on advertisements they generally obviate this question by saying that we are doing this for the betterment of our students and everyone knows that how much betterment of students is there in advertising.and the general results of advertising are -

  • Students feel frustrated because the college instead of utilizing the fee of the students for the benefit of students uses for the publicity of college.
  • No development of students because the money is used for the advertisement purpose instead of education purpose.
  • College isn't able to focus on studies because if the money is utilized in advertisements then from where will they get money for paying to good lecturers because good lecturers charge good fee


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