Friday, May 9, 2014

Why Indian films are not having Hollywood standards

we often complaint about Bollywood (Indian film Industry) that Indian films are not having any standard or our film Industry is making a huge amount of films but the quality of films is zero but indirectly we people are only responsible for this before blaming Bollywood had you ever asked from your self that are you paying for what you are watching. Out of number of movies you had watched for how many of them had you paid by either visiting cinema hall for watching movie or by buying it from any genuine source such as Play Store,Itunes etc. The answer for 90% + people would be why should we buy a movie if we can watch it for free on Internet actually the thing is that the people don't consider software,music and multimedia content piracy as a crime or theft they even feel it good because they get entertainment for free.

From Producers point of view
suppose you are a director/producer and you are producing a movie then making the good movie is not only the task there are several problems such as limited amount of budget. A director is having a target that he should earn a minimum amount of money form a movie but unfortunately that amount in India is very small and this is not because that people in India hate Indian movies actually the things is that the Indian movies are very easily available for free download from many illegal sources on the internet which results in the cutting of budget in movies.Actually the thing is not that the director/producer aren't having that much of money to invest in movies the thing is that how will the movie come in profit if the development cost is so high in the hub of piracy.


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