Friday, May 9, 2014

Man shedding super hot Kheer (Rice pudding) on small chlidren

Man shedding kher on small children
Man shedding kher on small children
As I had already covered a post about some inhuman rituals followed in India and I recently found this one which is a super inhuman activity taken place at Varanasi.

A man in Varanasi claimed that he can treat diseases in small children by his practices and what treatment he is giving to the children is that he is shedding very hot "Kheer" with boiling milk on then which can even give serious burns and injuries to adults but this man is making small children bath with very hot kheer. And the shocking truth about all this is that the parents of these children are bringing there children to him for giving there children this treatment.

All this is clear what this man is doing he is making fool to everyone and practicing a super inhuman activity by shedding boiling kheer on small children and a shocking thing and the bitter reality about India every one is watching this activity and no one is even trying to STOP it or oppose it. All this sort of activities takes place because we the citizens of India don't respond to such activities.


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