Thursday, April 24, 2014

Government buying the voters indirectly

Buying the voters is nothing new when it comes to India the largest democracy in the world. Previously the politicians use to buy the voters or votes by paying them money or by making them fool buy any other means and in same manner the illiterates were made fool by giving them money ,paying there dept etc but now a days a new method of making voters fool and buying there votes indirectly had arrived i.e...., by giving unwanted subsidies, unwanted schemes like free water and reduced price of electricity etc there are many things more to discuss.

Don't take me in a wrong manner I am not against the poor people residing in India they are also our brothers and sisters and this is our responsibility to take care of every such Indian.I am not against the policies that the government of India makes for the betterment of such people but the thing I am against is the manner of distribution of services,subsidies and relaxations.

Some examples regarding such unfair practices
  • Unwanted Pension schemes-Is a man who cross the ago of 60 had got the right to beg then why some state government including the Rajasthan government under supervision of ex-chief minister Shri.Asholk Gehalot had distributed the pension of all the people who crossed approx 60 I don't remember the exact figure had started receiving the pension every month before some months of the election.
  • 12 LPG cylinders subsidized instead of 9-Every one knows that 9 cylinders of LPG are enough for household purposes then why the number of cylinders raised raised from 9 to 12 before some months of election .
  • Distribution of 700 liter water free per day per house.
  • And even the ex-chief minister of Rajasthan before the elections announced that if he won then he will give all the medical services for free which includes tests like MRI scan and many more costly tests.

What is the result of such unfair practices.

The result is simple that all the load of economy is pushed on a particular section of the society.

For example I am here taking the example of bus system in Rajasthan roadways/RSRTC.
Here if we divide the pessangers into 5 classes Women ,Students , Senior citizen,Children & General (which includes men between the age of 21-60).
Now the interesting thing here is that  the government is putting all the load of bus ticket on General class.

Women- Half the price(50% discount) [Generally Rs.7 distance don't matters]
Students- 6 rupees
Senior citizen-I don't know exact but practically it is also Half the price.
Children-No ticket
General-Full price (Actually it is having add-on price to reduce the loss which government gets because of subsidies on bus tickets.)

In my personal opinion only students should get subsidized tickets because they are from the class which is very highly dependent on public transportation and they practically dissevers the low cost traveling.

So the thing is that the subsidies are killing our country and doing nothing good for our economy.

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