Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Can the real issue please stand up?

The whole country heaved a sigh of relief yesterday when Arvind Kejriwal decided to call of the so-called dharna. Everybody had feared that something ominous is about to happen with two constituitional authorities moving on the clash path. Even now, when it has ended the debate will continue whether it was right or wrong and I doubt if there will be a clear answer coming in public debates.

However the agitation was unprecedented in many ways and the most I care about is the fundamental issue on which all this happened. And the issue relates to policing – their methods, accountability and objectivity. As I see it the core issue is that why does a common man approach the police only when things go out of their hands? A citizen observes something that is imporpoer or illegal and calls for the police. What is the role and accountability of police?

A woman was burnt and another one got gang-raped. General perception is that thepolice did not do enough neither to prevent it nor after it. The debate should have focused on the role of police, how to make them efficient and accountable. But irrespective of the issue somehow as a nation we always find scope for politics in it.

 AAP must be commeded for raising the basic issue of governance (though bit amateurishly). One day we hope to sincerely discuss issues of policing. And also discuss police and judiciary reforms and also the problems of police personnels. But I guess AAP has to do agitation at a time when there are no elections approaching. Is it too much to ask for?

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