Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top 5 ways to utilise time in a super boring lecture

Disclaimer-This post is only for the teachers who are super boring and because of them the super interesting field of Engineering become boring only & only because of them. not at all dedicated to good teachers. I too respect truly some of my teachers.
As an engineering student I can understand the pain of the engineering students which we feel when we have to attend many super boring lectures to complete the target to complete the 75% attendance. I personally have dot 75% attendance in some subjects because me too is a human being and humans can't bare those lectures
utilise time in a super boring lecture
Condition in a super boring lecture

#1-Complete your assignments in lectures

My personal favorite and according to me the best way to utilize the time in such lectures  just complete your assignments which you get as a return gift after attending a super boring lecture.If you are one who use to copy the assignments the boring lecture could be best place for you as all your classmates are near and you can borrow assignment from any one sitting next to you. but if you are one who use to complete the assignments genuine then also a boring lecture is a good place for utilizing time because you can complete your assignment here and you can think properly as you have plenty of time here to think.

#2-utilise internet if your campus is WiFi enabled

If your classes are WiFi enabled then you shouldn't get bored as internet is something really amazing but as most of the interested things are blocked on the college WiFi network most of the students even don't use college internet by friends there are many options for bypassing the internet blocked content in colleges just use them and make your lectures interesting.

#3-Head down and sleep in the lecture

I personally do this activity some time as an engineering student I don't get appropriate time to sleep and the best way to fulfill the requirements of my body I sometime use to sleep in such lectures and believe me sleeping after the attendance session is very pleasure giving sleep as you don't have tension of missing attendance and you feel good that you are not practically attending the lecture.

#4-Madness in class

If you can't do any of the three things mentioned above then this is the best thing what you can do to reduce the stress which you get when you attend a 90 minutes super boring lecture. Just do as much Insane ,crazy ,mad stuff you can do with your friends in class.This will protect you from getting frustrated which most of the people get when attend such lectures.

#5-Waste 90 minutes of your life

If you can't do any of the four things mentioned above then even god won't be able to help you and without your wish forcefully you would have to listen to the lecturer and waste 60-90 minutes of your life.

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