Friday, November 22, 2013

Indian Engineering colleges just focused on good attendance insted of awesome faculties laboratories and workshops

Disclaimer-This post is only for the teachers who are super boring and because of them the super interesting field of Engineering become boring only & only because of them. not at all dedicated to good teachers. I too respect truly some of my teachers.

The biggest burden on an Engineering student-75% attendance in all the subjects. What is this, why are teachers & Engineering colleges focused on attendance instead of providing proper environment to the students to develop i.e.. why not focused on increasing practical skills of students by introducing more and more workshops in the colleges.

I had even found that many colleges even don't have proper connectivity as I found that many colleges are not having WiFi connectivity in their campuses and some of then just make it available at the receptions. What is this in 21st century internet connectivity on the go is very important thing.Then why don't just improve the college before improving the attendance record of the student.

Why are teachers focused on the attendances why they just spread their knowledge to the students.

No one can teach a person who is not interested in learning same case stands here if I am not interested in sitting then no one in this world is having power to make me mentally sit in the class.

Advantages of attending the classes of boring lecturers -

You can full fill you sleep as this is the best way to pass time in the super boring lectures.
You can do fun things in class like laughing on each other if your faculty don't says that "I will not give you attendance if you do it again"
You can complete your assignments in the class and you will also get the attendance because you were sitting in his/her class.(my personal favorite)
you can practice anything you are interested in like drawing etc.

Disadvantages of attending the classes of boring lecturers-

The time runs very slowly in such classes every single minute is like an hour.
sometime such lectures irritate a lot.
If the teacher is super boring and if you cannot do anything to pass your time then it feels as "It is better to suicide then attending his/her lecture."
Students start feeling frustrated as several minutes passes.
It becomes very hard to control on emotions and some students try to think about any idea via which they can go out of the class without loosing the attendance.


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  2. This is exactly what i used to do in my college time when i used to get bored in lectures. Your article has taken me to my colleges days.


  3. Why are teachers focused on the attendances why they just spread their knowledge to the students. college admissions

  4. I agree with the advantages and disadvantages you mention here, it is true even i used to do few of this things in my college days.



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