Sunday, October 6, 2013

Why personal or home tuitions if we are having schools

As Most of us know about the pathetic situation of education in India today I am presenting here something which is very common and highly practiced in India I.e...the private /home tuitions which are generally given by the teachers of school only. 

My story about the tuitions which I use to get

I was also given the home tuitions by my teachers when I was in school I use to go to school and my whole day use to pass there and then I return to my home and change my clothes watch some T.V and then again go to the institute where i was taught after the school hours and after taking those tuitions I returned to my home at evening and then I use to study and then I use to sleep.

And now here are some of my questions from everyone here:-

  • Did I get any time  to interact with my friends.-NO
  • Did I get proper time to spend with my family and friends except Sundays.-NO
  • Did I get time to play outdoor games.-NO
  • Did I get time to do any other activity in which I was interested.-NO
  • And what is the result of such practices if we think practically putting marks aside.-NOTHING

Is there really any need of private or home tuitions?

this actually varies from individual to individual but when it comes to me I am strictly against the home tuitions. I want to know that what are students taught in the schools as parents are paying fee to schools then what is the requirement of home / private tuitions. Why parents don't force schools to hire good tutors for the students instead of hiring the home tutors.

 Disadvantages of home / private tuitions which are getting common day by day:-

  • In excess every thing is harmful and this theory applies to the studies also when a student is taught in excess i.e.. he/she is studying whole day then this is not good for his / her health respectively.
  • Students don't get time to spent on outdoor games and other things.
  • Sometime this makes student a bookworm.
  • Students don't develop the other skills like the personality development etc.
  • and there are many such things and the list if really very long if we think about it seriously.

My views regarding the tuitions which are getting more and more popular now a days.

  • What are schools teaching if the students need serious attention outside the school.
  • If such situation occurs then only single point comes out i.e.. schools are not providing appropriate knowledge to fulfill the need of the students.
  • If a student is weak and don't understand things as easily as other students do then this is the responsibility of schools only to make him/her understand why should parents pay extra for that.
  • parents think that if their children will get the private tutions then his/her brain will become extra sharp or he/she will become some extra smart.
  • Say no to home tutions self study is the best study nothing can replace the self study and the need of self study.

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