Monday, October 14, 2013

Such brutal behavior with Cows and amimals in India.

This is a  global post and this post is having India associated with it only because India is one of the biggest consumer of the Cow's milk in this entire world and also because the Cows is the most Holy animal in the spirituality of India.

I am not against the people who are eating non vegetarian food stuff or the people who are drinking or any other such thing I don't mentioned here. I just want to say that for what I am against is the inhuman methods of Utilizing these animals I am against that how cruelly the animals  are treated for their utilization and how inhumanly they are killed for their meat and other sources such as leather etc.

On one side we people say that we people don't have right to heart or kill someone and we people also consider the Cows as a HOLY animal as Cow really mean us something I am not taking the side of Hindu religion it is regarding the very brutal behavior which Cows are facing as not only Hindus are drinking milk in India every family generally is depended on Cows for the milk and in India approximately every one drinks the milk.

If we talk of the reality the reality is really pathetic I am saying this because you will definitely find this is the video which is at the bottom of the post but there are other several things which should be discussed as this is not such a light thing.

Cows had become a utility

Cows are now serving India and all the world and now if we think in a correct direction then will will find this to be true that really the "Cows had become a utility" as we are not treating Cows like the animals they are just used as a milk producing machine till the date they are giving milk and after that either they are leaved on their own or they are sold to slaughterhouses.

Cows are used like a machine

Cows are used as a machinery they are given medicines for giving more and more amount of milk and their milk is taken out the maximum it can be no one cares about the health of cow.

No one think about the love of COW & CALF

had you ever think that how would you feel if your baby is separated from you and then you and your baby is used just as a utility and a commodity The same thing here happens with the Cows the Cow is separated form the Calf when the necessary things after the birth of a Calf are performed.

Use of Milking machines for extracting the milk from Cows

For the maximum producton of milk in the minimum time the Cow's milk is extracted via milking machines from the body of cow which is not considered good because the these machines use to extract the milk beyond the limits i.e.. till even a very small amount of milk is there in cow's body which should be there.

It is my very strong recommendation to everyone to please view this video which is just below.

You may visit this website for getting details regarding the details on animal abuse.

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