Sunday, August 4, 2013

How can we remove corruption from India

Many people ask me that how to remove corruption in India or how can we be against corruption in India.And my opinions regarding the removal of corruption are somewhat different from many people. I think that it is really hard to remove corruption from India but its not impossible. This is my personal opinion that if we can't do some big things like the "annshan of shri.Anna Hazare" then we should do many small things like "not paying bribe to someone to the traffic police etc" This is my personal believe that "If you can't solve the big problems then solve all the small problems all the big problems will be automatically solved" this same thing can also be applied in fighting against corruption in India.

How all this can be really implied in our daily lifestyle?

Start following the rules if we start following the rules then we won't have to pay any legal fine of heavy cost and we would not pay the bribe to the individual to whom we have to pay the fine.

Pay the fine if you break the rules if you are breaking the rules then accept your mistake and pay the fine this will result in two good things i.e.. you are not increasing the corruption and because of heavy fine you would not repeat the mistake again.

Children are the future of country so teach them good things teach then that they should never pay bribe and not to involve in such things. Never teach them shortcuts of paying the bribes.

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