Saturday, June 29, 2013

Advantages and disadvantages of visting an authorized company service centre.

I have a question from all the companies that why does going to service center a horrible experience for the people sometime even also if their products are in warranty and they are having a genuine bill.

I am writing this post after my experience with service centers and the after sale services of different companies. and hear I will post about the different companies and mostly concentrated on SERVICE CENTERS.



Advantages and Disadvantages of visiting company authorized service centers.

Disadvantages of visiting a company authorized service center.

  • A big risk i.e.. you  can be looted
  • Takes a lot of time you may even have to stand in a long line and they may take many days to repair the phone.
  • Are not located everywhere are limited so specific areas.
  • May not even check your device if it would have been opened/tested by any other third party shop.
  • May not even check your device if it is even slightly damaged.
  • May not even check you device if any of the part in it is not genuine.
  • They never even think of repairing any part of your device they what only know is how to replace the particular part of the device.
  • A very huge amount of formalities and a lot of time waste.
  • Every part / accessory etc in a company authorized service center generally costs higher from any other source.

Advantages of visiting a company authorized service center.

  • If you are buying accessories then their are 99% chances that they will be genuine.
  • If your product is in warranty and their is a fault except physical damage then it will be treated free of cost.
  • And last but not the least most of the company authorised service centers are equipped with good air conditioning so  you would not feel uncomfortable their.

My recommendations are only go to the service center if you product is under warranty and and not damaged physically or you are having a lot of money and money is not a problem for you.

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