Friday, June 7, 2013

Real causes of unemployment in India.

What is unemployment?

In simple words unemployment is a situation when a person who is actively searching for employment is unable to find work. This is some think which is commonly known as Berozgari in India.

What are the real causes of unemployment in India?


Overpopulation is something which is also responsible for several other problems including poverty etc and overpopulation highly affects the employment as for every think in India the seats are full their is no need of more people hence over overpopulation is a very big cause of unemployment.
Huge amount of labor force- The labor forces of every field are present at a very large amount even a huge amount of Indian labor from various fields including construction , software development etc is working outside the country then also the labor force is more then enough this is highly responsible for the low wadges to labors.

improper higher education

The government, overpopulation etc are not only responsible for the unemployment many of the engineers from India are only so called engineers as from thousand of engineering colleges hardly Hundred colleges are providing a proper education and have proper standards for teaching engineering and rest all are nothing more then dustbins. The good colleges are generating real engineers but if we look on the other side their is a very huge amount of colleges where their is no proper education and no proper study environment. So how can we dream that the students doing engineering from such colleges will get a good job.


As every one knows that the illiteracy is a very big problem for India as a huge amount of people are even illiterate today also. so the people are getting works only on the construction sites etc and that too on very low wadges.

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