Monday, May 20, 2013

We are only polluting our country

We are only polluting our country INDIA

We people think that our country is do dirty , so polluted etc etc.. but before saying this we ever think that why is our country in such a disgusting condition.

Why are streets filled with plastic bags and various other pollutants ?
The answer is "We" We only throw the rappers of uncle chips and lays on roads we only throw disposals on the road instead of throwing them in dustbin.

This pollution is our result only

And when someone says that your country is so dirty we just say that our government is doing nothing in keeping our country clean friends this is not an asquse our country is our Home and this is our duty to keep it clean not someone Else's duty.

eg. Many people in our building are not happy in paying just approximately Rs.20-40 to the sweeper for cleaning the stairs and removing the dirt from building actually the problem is that cleanliness is not our priority we don't require cleanliness. If e just start throwing rappers of candies , chips etc in dustbin instead of roads 50% of our country will become clean automatically.And when many people are asked that why are you throwing this waste on road then they start saying that where is the "DUST BIN"? the answer is that the dustbin is not a thing which travells with you you can hold a rapper for 2-3 minutes in your hands if you don't find a dustbin and now a days even on every shop their are dustbins.  

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