Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dreams that never fulfill

Is viewing dreams only the right of rich people in India, Why do a poor in India needs  to thought several times before viewing a dream as their is no surety that their dreams will be full filled.

Many poor families in India don't allow their children to view dreams as they will come in a problem if their children will start asking them for expensive things and if they will not in a condition to but that particular thing then they will make their children sad.
Eyes full of dreams

The children in poor families are the partners of survival for their parents as if they STOP earning then the life of whole family will come into the problem if any of them is not in a condition to work then he is left alone at home with no medical facility as they can't afford them.
As you can see in the above pic that a boy who is a rag picker is having dreams in his eyes of wearing proper clothes and he needs freedom from his old and toned clothes but these things he even can't imagine as when he even comes near to the clothes the shopkeeper behaves him like that he is an animal they use to abuse him and say him to go away from the shop as they think that by standing only his is putting the reputation of the shop down.

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