Saturday, April 20, 2013

Does poor people in our contry don't have right to good education.

Friends this article on my blog is for the purpose of throwing light on education system in our country and the dominating subject in this field is "Science".

The students who are genius till the class X and have a dream to become an engineer or a doctor don't opt Science not because they are afraid of failure but because the cost of science tutions are very high every one can't pay it. There are lakhs of coaching institutes and tutorials in India and even after having thousands of students in their institutes then also charge very high fee some of them are charging Rs.1,00,000 per head. 

Many of them are charging the fee for preparation of a collage entrance  (Eg.IIT's & NIT's etc.) then the collage is charging. Now what is this going on friends.

Now a days quality education had become more expensive then gold or something else.

Teachers are now only teachers now a days as they only teach for money such teachers can't become "Guru" someone who is really attached to the students.

We should learn some thing from Arabian countries who provide quality education to all age group people at no cost. 

Friends education in not a business so stop selling it.

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