Monday, April 1, 2013

Dear terrorists,Naksalies, Thieves,Robbers and etc.. we don't need you.

Dear terrorists,Naksalies, Thieves,Robbers we are already having infinite number of problems in our country we are already suffered from the corruption, poverty etc.Our country is already eaten up by the corrupted governments , leaders and etc.. and we can't bear more. Actually one corrupted Leader of same country is more dangerous then 100 terrorists of a different country and rather then Bribe we are already crushed by the Poverty we are not that much rich that we can bear huge loss of property and resources which you people use to destroy for making a building which you destroy via bombs we need to pay money for that which we are not having at enough amount. and last but not the least the cost of life of  an Indian citizen is more then any thing else the one who goes office for earning to feed his family is a super Hero of his family and whole of his family is dependent on him and you people use to kill him.

You people are harming our country but then also our government does nothing for you people as they are corrupted so I would request you to please Stop giving pain to our country I know that our government will do nothing else except giving lectures to media so I need to tell you this message directly.

Friends share this as much as possible so one day it reaches to any of the "Terrorist, Naksalie etc."

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