Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why is government job a dream but government hospitals and other services are considered worst services in India

Government job
Every educated person in India is having a dream of getting a government job but why every one in India hates the government services I mean to say that why no one prefers government hospital rather then a private hospital, why no one is interested in the government telecom services and why no one is interested in visiting any government office for doing any sort of work. 
The answer is the lazy workers who had become lazy due to the high revenue which they are getting without any sort of work. this is the only reason that why every one prefers a government job in our country as a men with government job will get a pension after retirement , he will not have to do any sort of work and the last but not the least thing is their is no fear of loosing the job that is the only reason that the government officers had become so much lazy.

There is no one to keep an eye on them that is the only reason that the government services in our country are so drastic in India and now I am going to list some activities which are very common in the Indian government sectors of India.
  • Government teacher goes to government school for taking attendance.
  • Politicians are always busy in making policies by which they can take away the money of common people to their pockets.
  • High post officer goes for taking rest at his office.
  • Low post officer goes for buttering a high post officer for getting promotion.
  • Costumer care representatives are there for gossiping with each other.
  • Engineers are their for doing their experiments.
  • Some doctors for filling their pockets with commission with the medicines.(Don't want to heart the feelings of any true doctor.)
  • Peon for his duty as he is the only one who perform his duty well.

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