Friday, March 1, 2013

Government giving topics to discuss

Indian government had got a new technique of sorting their problems which they are facing as the corrupted Indians. Now a days as there are many big international Indian scams  or something else which may include a big scam done by a big personality of India , Scandal made by any big personality of India etc. this list is very big.

As we all know that the government is always included in all the scams directly or indirectly so this will be a partiality with the Indian government if we not blame them hear.For hiding their faces after they are caught red handed with media or something else the method they are using for Rescuing them are very unique as their are many problems in India they use to do is they divert the media in something else Eg.suppose their is a scam in India in which government is involved so the government try to do is they hike the prices of the daily goods so that the media which is behind them like a "cat behind a rat" STOP following them and start focusing on the other problems. These practices are not fair and then also our country government do such type of practices.

 A cartoon against corruption in India
As you can see in the above cartoon that the leaders of our country i.e.. India are doing is that they are giving us topics to discuss so they can sleep easily all night and all our day passes discussing for such topics.This is all because of corruption and for removing all these kind of things we have to fight against corruption in India.

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