Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dogs in India are living a better life style then Human Beins.

This is hard to believe that but this is the only reality of the Independent and corrupted India. A dog of common citizen of India or a dog of a royal citizen of India is living  a far better standard life then a labor of India I don't know that why is labor work considered the work done by the once who are illiterates and who don't have any work to do. Friends if their would be no labors then their will be no India existing as the labors are the only one who are constructing our houses, bridges, apartments etc.

Pet dog owned by a rich family
Pet owned by a common man

Now as you can see that how do we people care about our pets we use to spent more then the daily wadge of labor just on their food many time and their caring , Maintaining their beauty etc. Have we ever think about a daily wadge earner that if he gets even the amount of money which are are spending on our pets can change their life I am not saying that taking pets home is a crime or sin we should do it I only want to describe hear are the problems going on in our country.

Child of a poor Indian

Living in a pipeline
Now hear comes the families of the one who do not earn properly as you can see that the pet dogs in our country are living a better lifestyle then the labors, farmers etc in the independent India. Our country is not giving proper funds to the people without whom this country cannot run which Includes Farmers, People who clean the street, Labor workers and etc.

According to me the future of our country is very dark as the people who disserves a proper lifestyle are not even provided a house to live.


  1. This is something called Pathetic.

  2. dogs that get your so-called royal treatment deserve it in return for their 'royal and loyal' love, often not seen in humans, even if destitute; i have worked and been working on both human and animal welfare, but when it comes to former, been subject to horrible back stabs and hypocrisy, lies and exploitations and lazy excuses to exploit; not all human faces and minds are innocent, but that can be safely said for animals because they appreciate your love and return it, unlike so many evil humans these days



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