Friday, February 1, 2013

One is sleaping on footpath and one on ultra soft Mattresses

Country men what had become the condition of our country how vast had the distance become between a rich and a poor.

As we usually say that every Indian is our brother and sister, what had the condition became-
one brother is sleeping on the footpath on the side of a road and one is sleeping on the ultra soft best quality you can see this situation in the under-shown pics.
night at footpath
Not even having a Proper room

Trying an ultra soft Mattress
This problem now is not a small issue see how a child have to sleep on the side of a footpath because his parents can't earn that much that they can hire a room for him/her. See how risky is the life of such a small boy as he can even come under a vehicle, a man walking on footpath may collide with him, any animal may hurt him etc. their are many of such problems which need to be resolved.

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