Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cartoon-Price lifting competition in India

Countrymen hear comes the new competition which is only held in India and one day may become the national game of India. The name of this game is "Price lifting" the participants have to do in this is that they have to tolerate the price hikes in India. I know that this is a very hard game but unfortunately every Indian have to take part in it as it is our Compulsion(Majboori).
price lifting competition cartoon
Price lifting competition
This competition was started by the government of India as they only want their profit and they earn a very huge amount of profit via this competition and they are only the sponsors of this unique sport.

The main problem about this game is that many of the common citizens of India are not in the condition to play this game the are not that much strong economically as they can bear the expenses. As many of the population in our country is not able to even afford a simple life style only due to a very high price of goods in our country.

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  1. Common man has only this option with him.



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