Saturday, January 5, 2013

We are only responsible for the condition of our country

India which was from one of the most great nations in the world is now one of the poorest nations of the world this is the reality and we would have to accept it.We are living a very low standard of living. We see the best buildings of our country and we say that we had made a very good progress and what about the people who had spend their whole life in slums and chawls.

We think that our country is best country in the world but we don't think that countrymen makes a country but not country makes countrymen we use to blame other people for the condition of the independent India today but we don't think that we are only responsible for the today's situation of the country. many people of India only say that the streets of India are very dirty but that of America, Europe etc are very clean but they don't think before speaking these words they don't think  that who is making the
streets dirty the answer is they themselves only do it. We don't think that we are polluting our country when we throw a rapper of chocolate on a road instead of a dustbin.

we use to always say that our government is corrupted but why don't we see in ourselves we are the only one who are paying a bribe to the traffic police when he STOPs our vehicles. We are the only people who what that our name should be called first when we are sitting in a long queue for any sort of work and for doing that we are the only one who pay bribe.

We people are the only insurance of our country if we are only corrupted then how can we expect that the people around us are not corrupted.If we want a corruption free India the thing we have to do first is we have to make our-self free from corruption.

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