Thursday, January 10, 2013

So "Hard Work" and nothing in return.

The one who do hard work in India gets nothing in return and one who are sitting in the Air conditioning offices who have nothing to go gets a very huge amount of returns for their work.
labor in india
How Hard working is this labor women
See how this lady is dedicated towards her work she is having a new born baby and he is still doing the labor work. This shows the ease in her of doing work but the problem is despite of doing this much hard work labors are not paid enough in the independent India.

I want to know that why is a labor considered nothing in the Independent India as the amount that they are paid for the labor work are horrible in some constructions the labors are even paid just Rs.50 for a single day and no proper food is given to them by the contractors and they are not even provided the proper conditions for living they are told to sleep in the reconstructed houses and even on roads in some cases by the contractors.

child labor at construction site
Child labor at construction
And even in some construction projects I have even found that the many contractors are even using children from poor families as the labors as the children are not knowing about the rates what they should get paid and they are taken for work at a very cheap rate.
They are even taken for the labor work and after the work is done they are even not paid and send empty hand at their home.

In India one of the main problem is the one who are at a good post is earning a very huge amount of profit and the one who are at lower post generally suffer due to the one who are at upper post then them and even not paid for what they deserve.

Engineers have to do nothing in our country the thing they are doing is sitting at home and enjoying their life and they are just paid for that a very huge amount of salary and the one who are making true the dreams of Engineers are not paid even that much that they can get a proper diet for their family.

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