Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Why the men who pollutes India is considered great then the men who cleans India

Great-The man who cleans is not good and the man who pollutes the road and makes the environment dirty with several practices is having mare respect then a poor man who is cleaning the roads etc.

Why we decide the people by their works in our religion teachings it is told that "no work is small or big" can you think about a place without any sweeper in your surroundings and if you can't imagine the demerits just perform the task send the man who sweeps your roads to a holiday you will automatically get the results. and the results will be your house will become a dustbin.

This is the real psychology of the Indian people that the man who is doing the cleaning work is not a man he is considered just a sweeper in our societies I don't know that why we Indians don't respect such people In our country a doctor and an engineer is having a ton of respect but the man who cleans our houses and roads is considered as an extra weight on earth. The problem is In our thinking we don't see the world in a proper way we believe in casts, untouchability and etc.

We should think of a man who cleans sever we should put ourselves in place of him and this is not enough they clean our severs on a rate that don't justifies their work they are paid a very less fee for such a hard work can you ever think that you can do such a great work. I won't to say is the the work which a sweeper do is the biggest work in the world and Hence "Gandhi ji" had titled them as "Harijans" the next to gods.

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