Thursday, December 20, 2012

We Indians are not United

We all have heard the line that "Unity is the best policy" but then also we Indians then also fight with each other we are like brothers and sisters then why don't we behave as brother and sister with each other why we are against each other on even very small topics which can be solved even from a talk of 5 minutes with each other.

If we are united then no one can even see us with the eyes of aggression no one can do nothing of us and our country. As you can see in the pic that the 3 people in cartoon are united then nothing happened to them this law is valid every where but the problem is we Indians are not united properly.

Unity is the best property

Actually the problem is not that we are not united we are united but not in a proper manner we are united on the basis of the following:-
Caste, Religion, Origin , Local language, State,City etc.

We people use to make friends not by seeing the qualities of an individual but by viewing the caste, Religion, Origin etc of an individual.In our country the caste and religion of an Individual are more dominating then the qualities and qualifications of a person. As many of the great people say that an individual becomes great due to his hard work and efforts not from his birth.

If we start making friends or any other relationships without knowing the caste or religion of an Individual then we are really starting a good relationship and really putting a step forward towards betterment of our country by uniting our country.

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