Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Results of unemployment in India

Unemployment which is one of the most biggest problem of our country due to which our youth is facing very big problems.
One of the biggest reason for unemployment in India is over population our country is very densely populated and we are not generating a proper amount of capitals and Production according to the requirement of our country.
unemployment in India
Unemployment in India

Their are many problems caused due to unemployment in our country and some of them are listed hear. 
Some suicides- unemployment killing the youth of India. Some of the youngsters who are deserving the very good jobs and are having very hing skills are even not hired on low packages and some of them suicide due to the frustration and the pressure of surroundings that they are not earning even after becoming an engineer, doctor etc.

Many are depressed-Many youngsters after facing the problem of unemployment they are totally depressed as they had worked hard for getting the good jobs and when they go out for the jobs they found that none of the institutions require them.

Poverty-One of the major cause of poverty in India as every family expects earnings from young people in their house not from the small children and aged grandparents. but hear comes the problems when the young people in our country don't get proper job and they & their families become the prey of poverty.

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