Friday, December 28, 2012

Lack of proper sex education in Indian adolescents and youngsters

Basic difference b/w a Girl & a Boy
 India is a developing country and a country is called developing if it develops in all fields not only in technology and economy. The majority of adolescent are not aware of proper sex-education and proper surroundings they only know is a general difference in between male and female which is not enough at all and this is not a positive thing as far as I know many of the students who study in 12th class and even in collages don't know that what is a difference between a Condom and a Fiefdom and I have noticed that many of them had even not heard the name of Fiefdom or a Female condom before and many of them even don't know that their is something like female condoms.This thing is Ok till school level but not even in collages. 

and the other thing is that even the students of 10th class don't know that how proper reproduction takes place many of them have developed several sort of myths which are quite unbelievable some of them are as follows:-
  • If the drop of sperm falls on a girl or touch any part of her skin then she will become pregnant.
  • If a girl want to become pregnant then she have to eat the semen of her partner.
  • If you do sex will 2 or more girls without wearing a condom then you will have AIDS.(unsafe sex can cause AIDS but their concept was a bit different.)
  • Many of students don't know about Menstruation cycle properly.
and their are several myths which are developed in the adolescents.

Reasons for lack in proper sexual education in India

I think the major reason for improper sex education in Indian adolescents and youngsters is that they don't have someone from whom they can properly interact many of the students feel shy in attending classes on sex education and sorting out the douts regarding the topic with the teachers.Actually their is not a fall of teacher or the students their is a require of a proper frank teacher who can interact with students in a way like friends interact the connection between the teacher and the students is required for teaching such type of topics.


  1. the education must aim to keep off from getting adulterated, knowledge on condoms will give confidence to go in to practicals with out fear.

    1. My friends @ 18 no one is having any fear of practicals if they would be interested then would definately do.
      And I am not saying that we should start telling about condoms etc @ 13 but I am saying that many people even don't know @ 18 and 18+



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