Monday, December 10, 2012

Democracy In India

India despite of becoming the world's biggest democracy The Independent India is not a proper democratic country as their is no proper democracy in India. Democracy means proper elections free from castism, racism , religion etc. Now a days politics had become a game and it is also known as the game of evil as the one who enters in Indian politics automatically becomes a man with no mind.

Democracy in India
As you can see that the democracy is just playing a role of a tiered horse with a lot of excess load which he can't bear. The democracy is not moving freely as the elections are not held properly many of the politicians use to divide the country for their own profit I mean to say on the basis of rich and poor , Belongings of the individuals etc. The even are using Casts as their most important weapon to fight the battle of Seat they are dividing the Indians on the basis of casts and religion etc. They are creating various communities in different-different regions such as they give a pleasurable life to the people of their community and the cost of joining that community is a VOTE when elections are their. 

Friends this not a proper democracy if this would be the condition then our country will be running a different sort of government rather then having Democracy in India.

Democracy in India is not existing properly as there are only very few conditions which the government which we have is following and that includes mostly is that there are different parties in our parliament and this is only the reason that the Democracy in India is alive.

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