Friday, December 28, 2012

Causes and results of rapes and sexual voilance in India

causes of rapes in india
A girl feared of being raped
It is very painful to say but this is true that the country in which the Women are worshiped and are viewed as goddess is the fourth most dangerous place for women in the world and the conditions are just better then the countries such as Afghanistan and Congo. In India rape is one of the most common crime against women and is done at a very high scale in India and rape cases had been doubled in India since 1998-2008 and this is a very big problem what we are facing and the conditions are even worst in the Indian villages as the women in villages are not at all educated and male dominance in villages.

Causes of rapes in India

Ignorance of Laws

I think that the ignorance of laws in India is the one of major reasons for such a huge number of rapes in India as we all know that the laws in India are only for name their is no strict action on breaking of laws for viewing an example of Ignorace of law in India you can just look on the roads of India how the unorganised traffic runs on Indian roads now lets come to our topic as the laws are just for name so their is no fear in people for doing anything wrong the culprits know that nothing will happen to them as their is no one who is interested in appyling the laws strictly.

No fear of punishment

Actually their is no fear of punichment in the culprits as they many times already know that nothing will happen to them as even if they are caught then they will be free as a good lawyer will fight their case and they will be free again after some time and many times the culprits in India just have to stay a night or two in police lockups as they are from rich families. What a joke is this such small punishment for such a big crime in India. I am not saying that the Laws such as "jaise ko taisa" should be applied in India the need is that the victims should get an appropriate punishment.

Lack of education

Actually getting your graduation completed is not considered that you are not lacking in education the majority of girls in India even don't know that what is pepper spray which is considered as a safety tool for women in many countries. And the illiterate Women who suffer from the rape cases think that it is only good to keep the mouth shut and say nothing to any one and in some cases it is also observed that the parents whose young daughters had been raped even don't put their step fore ward to fight for the justice this is all because of fear from community they think that the people will make fun of them if they will consider about this problem with their community. And such sort of fear is only responsible for increase in rape cases as in illiterate ares the victims of such crimes don't have fear at all.

 Results of rapes in India

Every time a rape takes place the results are pathetic for the individuals who had been suffered from a rape it not only affects the individual but the whole family and a whole community some times as rape is not something like you have slapped me and I will slap you again now every think Ok. It is not such a thing to taken so lightly the individuals many time stays in depression for a very long time and even counselings cannot help in some cases. In some-cases the individual who suffers from a rape as injured at a very high level that even the individual cannot be treated easily.

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  1. Good post! Along with Ignorance of laws, there is problem in implementation of laws. Accused are getting bails easily, In future, though if there is change in laws, if they are not implemented properly it won't make any difference

  2. jinda rkhke unhe hr pal ye ehsas maut bhi unke liye choti saza h.....

  3. me too think that.killing is not a proper treatment the criminals of suuch cases should be imprisoned and their should be some proper treatment.



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