Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is most difficult to find in India

We people always think that their is a shortage of resources, minerals , precious metals etc and it is very difficult to find them in India but according to me the most difficult thing to find in India is the good people you will never find a good man at a good position in India.

Many people in India put their whole life in achieving a particular post but when they reaches to that post I don't know what happens to them.
Most difficult things to find in India
  • A politician don't remains politicians after the winning of elections they become the prey of a disease called "corruption" which had been spread in all the Indian politics so finding an Incorrupt politician is really very difficult.
  • Government wants to take the medical health care services to the villages but the government doctors need is only huge salary they want an A grade house from government , nice salary , health insurance, etc and when they are said that they are being transferred to a village they think as they are said of being send to hell.
  • You will never found a pharmacist in a pharmacy  and I don't think that cellphone with a collage student is a big issue.

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