Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Judiciary The path of freedom for criminals

There are many big scams happening in India every month we have to listen a new NEWS about a new scam today this had happened, today that had happened.And after the scam the criminal is arrested by the police the case is filed against him/her and is in jail for a 3-4 days hardly and our media gets the stuff to show on TV and they start showing that NEWS again and again and there is a big boom in our country.
corrupted judiciary in india
Judiciary in India

and then their is an Investigation on the scam for a long time and when the investigation ends the case is taken into the courts , the case is frighted and the result which comes out is the criminal is leaved free on "Bail" or he is released from court with full respect.This is the judiciary of our India.

Friends if such things will be continued in the Independent India then that day is not away then every innocent and common citizen of India will be in jail and their will be no one like "Anna or Ramdev" to protect India from corruption and corrupted Indians.

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