Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pornography and Adult media killing the Indian youth

India on top in searching porn videos on Google.
India on top in searching porn videos on Google.-Click image to enlarge

The involvement of adult media in day to day life of Indian youth had become a big problem. Their had taken place many such debates on this topic as to make it legal or illegal.As you can see in the image above that India is ranking #1 for searching porn videos on Google so their is nothing more to say.Pornography and adult media in India had really became a problem and we have to accept it.Their are many problems which had occurred due to the presence of pornography and some of them are listed below.

Hear some of the major problems arising in India because of pornography:-
  • Many children gets access to such a media at a very early age as on internet it is not a big task to find of a Porn is even observed that some children reaches to such things at an age of 12-13 which I don't think is good for our country.
  • As the children come in a touch of such kind of media the result of this is that many of children starts masturbating at a very young age which is hazardous for children of particular age it is even observed that children starts hand practicing before they develops their genitals to produce the sperms and semen.
  • Many youngsters gets addicted to the porn and then they starts wasting their precious time on Jerking off instead and viewing porn instead of doing something innovative.
  • Many of the youngsters gets addicted to such a peak that they develop sexual disorders in their genitals which further results in broken/unsatisfactory relationships.
  • And if an individual gets any such disorders then the individual comes in depression and gets highly stressed as he/she may feel hesitated in discussing his/her problem from everyone.

How much we Indians are involved in pornography and adult media?
The number of people I personally know (mostly males) they are regular viewing porn and most of them are addicted to masturbation or they practice it irregularly.
Click Image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge
Now as you can see in the pics the stats are shown for two key words Porn videos and sexy girls as as you can see that the graph for Keyword Porn videos in continuously increasing since 2004 to 2012 and even had reached its peak in 2012 and as you can see that the keyword sexy girls is also not having a low count this shows that how much our country in involved in such activities.

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