Thursday, September 20, 2012

We never get replied from government Institutions

This is one of the worst problem in Indian companies run by the government of India.
every company which is under the control of government is lacking in services and costumer support. 
For example- BSNL the government telecom company, The amount of support this company is getting from Indian government it can easily become the #1 telecom company in India but the reality is miles away there are no proper telephone exchanges, even for a very small work subscribers have to travel far distances as they have to visit offices and waste their 1-2 hours, There is no proper costumer care- Many of the representatives are not proper skilled and there are many more problems.

and I am having a very bad experiences with all the government websites they give all their contact details but they never reply to the queries of the people I have send queries to many of the government institutions which Includes- CBSE(Central board of secondary education), BSNL(Bharat sanchar nigam limited) and many of them.
But I never get replied by the government institutions. The reason is the email accounts are never opened as they don't see any profit in doing so.

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