Saturday, September 15, 2012

Is India really Independent?

India needs freedom again
The one question which we should ask from our selves- Is our country India really Independent?
65 years ago Britishers were ruling India and they had made India "Golden Bird" a miserable place they had taken all the wealth of country with them and they had ruled India for 200 years but at that time also there were many great people who love their country and sperad the message of freedom to every Indian and then in 1947 we got Independence from the Britishers.

But today even after the 65 years of independence we are not an Independent India we had not got freedom from various crisis in our country we are now a days dependent on bribe for even small works we have been addicted of paying bribe and hence we are not getting freedom from corruption.
40% population in our country is not able to fulfill their stomach they are not earning even that much that they can get a proper two time meal. many people are wearing the discarded clothes which are toned from various places and which they either found in a dust bin or someone donates them.
many of independent Indians have to work as rack picker for their whole life just for survival and this condition becomes drastic when it comes to the children of the independent India.
Many of the independent Indians are not having proper houses to live and many are not having too I see various people passing their nights on footpaths and Road dividers. Many makes small huts as they are not having money for building a new house.
Friends after reading all these points I don't think that we are independent from corruption, poverty etc. friends we have to work together if we want to make India independent again.

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