Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friends stop wasting Petrol every thing may become cheap again

Wasting resources=Flushing Money
Friends as far I know our country is an agriculture based country and we are not so blessed with the resources which includes crude oil, copper and other metals etc. And therefore we have to buy them from the foreign countries and as far I know that as we sell goods of our countries to other countries at higher costs in same manner the foreign countries sell us the resources and the most precious of them is "Crude oil" at an expensive price tag. As our country is developing and has a huge number of Employees, Students, Sales men etc. And transportation is the one of the most important need of all of us as employees need to travel from houses to offices, students need to travel from houses to schools and sales men have to travel from home to home and there are many other requirements. And all this requires a vehicle and fuel and the fuel for our vehicles is Petrol and Diesel which we can't produce on our land so we have to buy fuel to run our country smoothly at any cost from the Arabian countries and the major problem is that we don't have any other alternative which we can immediately apply to our nation I mean to say is we can't run all our country on solar power. So friends if we reduce the import of crude oil in our country then we can save a huge amount of money and can invest in other things. The cost of petroleum decides the cost of several things near us because transportation of every good requires vehicles and every vehicle near us runs on Petroleum.

We often say that the petrol in our country is very expensive but we never think that "why is it so" we people don't even think about our pockets , our environment etc.. when it comes to our luxury.

I don't mean that we should stop using petrol I mean to say is we should stop wasting Petroleum as it is very limited.

We can save petroleum buy very simple practices which includes Switching off the engines on red lights, running the vehicle on economy speed, covering short distances on our feet and the list is end less.

And the last thing I need to say is Save fuel save money don't waste the resources we are having very limited.

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  1. great artical !! Thanks for sharing such a great information with us....keep sharing



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