Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Story about Indian crabs.

Friends this is a story which is telling about the attitude of us(Indians) that why we are not able to success and some other things.

Indian crab

Once upon a time there was an exhibition in which there were various crabs from various countries packed in the closed boxes made from glass so the crabs can't come out of them but only the box in which Indian crabs were living was only opened from the top. So a man there asked from the representative that why is only this box opened and every other box is closed. The representative replied that these are the Indian crabs If one will try to come out of the box then others will start pulling his leg so no one will able to come out of this box.

Hence the moral of the story is- That we only use to pull the legs of each other instead of concentrating on our work.

This story was an imaginary fiction story.

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