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What are the necessary educational reforms required in India?

INDIA is still a developing nation.  What are the drawbacks for it to become a developed country? The answer to this question is the education system of India to most extent. India's education system has become a stumbling block towards the growth of the country. The cause of concern is the quality of education. The quality and quantity of education children receive in government school is not upto the mark.
education in India
Education system have changed  to a great extent but still have certain flaws. India is on the verge of progress and reforms when it comes to the education system. The standard classroom education has changed to E learning and more of computer literacy has come into consideration. But, this change only is limited to the private institutions. What about the government schools?

Where some kind of a progress need to take place. The population below the poverty line needs to be benefited and educated for the young rural India  to progress.

The basic necessary changes that need to be implemented are the  reformation of the public schools. Rural India today needs to be targeted first.  India to  become a developed nation the education system needs to be reformed. Government institutions requires maximum changes and strict actions needed to be implemented for them to improve. The facilities of public schools need to be looked upon  firstly. Basic infrastructural changes, quality teachers, sanitation and hygiene, computer literacy, etc must be adopted for India to stand in front of the world economy.

Growth and progress is not only limited to modern urban INDIA. Development starts from reforming the underdeveloped areas and helping the underprivileged. Educational changes needs to cater to the rural masses. Literacy not only enables one to stand on his own feet but also contributes to the world wide economy. Children today are the future of tomorrow. They need to be taken care of  for the nation to flourish. Health of children are affected because of the in human conditions of the public schools. Poor quality of education be it in terms of books, teachers, classrooms all need to be looked upon. Teachers need to be qualified enough to teach the children who only rely on the tutors knowledge. Government school teachers need to be payed decent for them to teach in these schools. Infrastructural changes must at least cater to human conditions.

Proper sanitation, inadequate food facilities, lack of electricity and basic classroom necessity must be incorporated in public schools. The basic ammenities like drinking water, food and personal hygiene will instill a clean environment, so that students can gain knowledge keeping up with their health. Healthy life and nutritious living will help the young masses to learn and climb the ladder of success. Education not only brings wealth but also a stand in the society country and worldwide recognition. These changes will help India become a developed nation and compete with other developed countries. Healthy and wealthy nation will contribute to the worldwide economy and lead to heights of empowerment. Educational reforms can help India flourish.

When these changes will be implemented you can expect the nation to progress.

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  1. quality of education in our country is really low

    1. Quality and linked learning materials are missing. A just B.Com / B.A (Economics) need to be supplemented with knowledge of CA/ CMA/ CS with corporate Law. Why not design an integrated course for 4 years followed by placing and two year work experience.

  2. Informative post! Education is no more limited to the urban population. The latest reforms in the educational sector ensures that the rural children also enjoy the privilege of education. But infrastructural development and teaching needs improvement.

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